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Control of the milling head in a mobile CNC milling unit

Thanks to their robustness and low weight, fiber-reinforced composite materials are increasingly used in the aviation and automotive industries. Maintenance and repair of such components are challenging ...

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Aerodynamics of aircraft

On their wings, aircraft have slats on the front side and flaps on the rear side which act as buoyancy aids. If these are extended unevenly or on only one side, this can cause significant problems in terms ...

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Release of satellites into space

In order to be able to launch a satellite from the Areane rocket unobstructed into space, the nose cone section, together with the side shield, have to be separated from the main rocket immediately before ...

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Reflector tilting for satellites

Satellites communicate with one another using laser beams. For this communication, the transmitter must be very precisely aligned with the receiver. The laser beam is stabilised using a deflection mirror. ...

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Load tests on aeroplane wings

In order to optimise the behaviour of wings during a flight, the wings are already subjected to vibration tests during the construction. 120 wireSENSOR draw-wire sensors are connected to the wing and synchronised. ...

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Lift height of a catering vehicle

Catering vehicles play an important role in passenger air traffic. They are responsible for there being enough foodstuffs on board. It is especially difficult with the Airbus A380 to reach the loading ...

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Thickness measurement using displacement sensors

Thickness measurement using displacement sensors is a wide application area. Basically there are distinctions between non-destructive/destructive, non-contact/with contact and one-side/two-sided thickness ...

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