Color accuracy takes on a new dimension


The innovative colorSENSOR CFO100 from Micro-Epsilon stands out due to maximum color accuracy, modern interfaces, intuitive handling and high speeds. The compact controller design combined with compact sensor heads can also be used in restricted spaces.

Up to 256 colors can be taught in. Once at the beginning of the measurement task, the sensor automatically adapts once illumination, averaging and signal amplification to the respective measurement situation. Recording color values and control of the production systems is possible due to the Ethernet interface, which enables integration into modern industrial environments. Connected to a PC, the user benefits from graphic queries of sensor data and numerous convenient settings. Furthermore, the sensor can be adapted to suit different color groups and tolerance spaces for each color. Teach-in of colors can be carried out via web interface.

The innovative color sensor for measurement tasks is destined for industrial use where consistent, accurate color recognition is required. A repeatability of ∆E ≤ 0.5 enables reliable detection of even the finest of color graduations. The colorSENSOR CFO100 is for example used in the food industry for color sorting tasks, painting technology, automation systems, quality control, medical packaging, the automotive industry for component inspection, the printing industry for color mark recognition, and in packaging control.

Easy configuration is possible via integrated web interface. Settings regarding color space, measurement frequency, illumination and white reference can be performed easily in order to ensure perfect color recognition.

Illumination and measurement are provided via an optical fiber that involves several advantages. The sensor is ideal for restricted areas as the sensor head requires a minimum of space. Furthermore, a large number of sensor heads fulfill the requirements of various measurement tasks and customer-specific adaptions. As the fiber optics can also be used in critical areas, measurements can be performed for example in vacuum, within fluctuating temperatures and in explosive areas.

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